Using the universal menu on Meta Quest

The universal menu lets you access features and launch your favorite apps no matter where you are in VR.

You can access the universal menu at any time by pressing    on your right Touch controller.

The universal menu contains shortcuts to some of the most heavily used VR features and settings:

  • App Library: View and launch apps from your library.
  • Sharing: Cast, take photos, and record video in VR.
  • People: Send messages, find and add friends, and create a party.
  • Store: Find new apps and experiences in the Store.
  • Explore: Browse your home screen for suggested apps and entertainment.
  • Profile: Select your profile image to access your profile.
  • Notifications: View notifications from apps, Messenger, and more.
  • Quick Settings: Check the current time, the charge level of your headset, and the strength of your Wi-Fi connection. Select the Quick Settings panel to view your device settings.