Group/Organization admin access

Let's discuss how to set up group admins who have visibility on all metrics in the PrecisionOS dashboard

The group administrator access is configured on the backend by the PrecisionOS team. Its importance is exemplified by the fact that institutions/administrators can identify areas of opportunity for improvement for users through the PrecisionOS dashboard. When configured correctly, the PrecisionOS dashboard website is a powerful tool for users to track and measure their progress through the modules and a powerful tool for leaders and administrators to provide oversight and insight into the usage of hardware under the organization's purview. Anyone designated as a group admin will have access to the dashboard and can see all of the metrics and scores for anyone who has used the hardware assigned to their organization.

To set up your organization on the PrecisionOS dashboard, we will need two things:

  1. The full name and email address of anyone who will need group admin access
  2. The hardware serial number for all participating headsets; for more info on finding the serial number, please see this article.